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The mission of the PWN is to build a sustainable community for professionals working to protect the public’s health from contaminants in private water sources. In order to accomplish this, the PWN will provide opportunities to (1) connect with peers, (2) share experiences, ideas, and resources, (3) access timely and relevant guidance for existing and emerging issues, and (4) build capacity to do the work more efficiently and effectively. To learn more, click here.

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  • Please ask you questions on Corrosive Water, Lead and Copper in Private Water Supplies on this thread. In this SESSION, Bryan Swistock will answer questions on corrosive water as one of the most common water quality problems occurring in water wells, ...

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  • Please ask you questions on Private Well Preparedness: Lessons from Louisiana on this thread. Dr. Adrienne Katner , who will be did a webinar today (October 8) at 2:00 pm ET on this topic, will be answering your questions until 4:30 pm ET. Dr. Adrienne ...

  • Happy World Environmental Health Day! Please ask you questions on Groundwater, Wells, and COVID-19 on this thread. Dr. William Alley , who will be doing a webinar today (September 28) at 12:30 pm ET on this topic, will be answering your questions ...

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