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NEHA President Roy KroegerRoy Kroeger, REHS

October 2021: Environmental Health Marketing (PDF)

September 2021: Great Opportunities for Environmental Health (PDF)

July/August 2021: Together We Can Do Much (PDF)


NEHA President Sandra LongSandra Long, REHS, RS

June 2021: Reflections (PDF)

May 2021: Advocating for the Profession (PDF)

April 2021: The Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Profession (PDF)

March 2021: Credentialing: Would You Go to a Plumber if You Had the Flu? (PDF)

January/February 2021: Building Upon Our Role in Emergency Response (PDF)

December 2020: 2020 in the Rearview Mirror (PDF)

November 2020: Self-Care: Focusing on You (PDF)

October 2020: COVID-19: Science Versus Politics (PDF)

September 2020: Adapting to Change in an Ever-Changing World (PDF)

July/August 2020: An Introduction to Sandra Long: Just the Facts (PDF)

NEHA President: Priscilla OliverPriscilla Oliver, PhD

June 2020: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward (PDF)

May 2020: Networking in Environmental Health (PDF)

April 2020: A Call for Diversity in Environmental Health (PDF)

March 2020: Volunteerism: The Big Picture (PDF)

January/February 2020: NEHA Is Open to Strategic Partnerships (PDF)

December 2019: Awards and Honors: Why Are They Important (PDF)

November 2019: Ideas for Enhancing and Increasing Membership (PDF)

October 2019: Environmental Health Leadership: Where Do We Go From Here? (PDF)

September 2019: When Disastrous Weather Hits Close to Home (PDF)

July/August 2019: Introducing NEHA's New President (PDF)

NEHA President: Vince RadkeVince Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, DLAAS, CPH

June 2019: Why? Is It Safe? (PDF)

May 2019: Can You Hear Me? (PDF)

April 2019: Antimicrobial Resistance (PDF)

March 2019: Show Me the Data (PDF)

January/February 2019: My Heroes (PDF)

December 2018: Vector and Pest Control: What Are You--What Are We--Doing About It? (PDF)

November 2018: The Impacts of Climate Change Are at Our Doorstep (PDF)

October 2018: Professional Relationships (PDF)

September 2018: Food Safety: Partnering Is Required (PDF)

July/August 2018: Let's Go Far Together (PDF)

NEHA President: Adam LondonAdam London, MPA, RS, DAAS

June 2018: The State of Our Association (PDF)

May 2018: An Evolving Workforce (PDF)

April 2018: Gone Starfishin' (PDF)

March 2018: Staying on the Right Side of History (PDF)

January/February 2018: Staying Great in the 21st Century (PDF)

December 2017: In Defense of National Safety and Security (PDF)

November 2017: Gratitude Served With a Side of Sacrifice (PDF)

October 2017: The Science of a Strange Profession (PDF)

September 2017: Making Waves (PDF) 

July/August 2017: All Generations Need Apply (PDF)

NEHA President: David RiggsDavid E. Riggs, MS, REHS/RS

June 2017: Stepping Back (PDF)

May 2017: With a Little Help From My Friends (PDF)

April 2017: Professional and Personal Growth (PDF)

March 2017: The Generational Bridge (PDF)

January/February 2017: Search and Employ (PDF)

December 2016: The Environmental Health Professional (PDF)

November 2016: Water and Environmental Equity (PDF)

October 2016: "Water, Water, Every Where..." (PDF)

September 2016: A Time of Change, a Time of Opportunity (PDF)

July/August 2016: Building a Better NEHA (PDF)

BNEHA President: Bob Custard, REHS, CP-FSob Custard, REHS, CP-FS  

June 2016: Giant Steps Forward (PDF)

May 2016: Lead From Where You Are (PDF)

April 2016: NEHA Goes to Washington (PDF)

March 2016: Making Environmental Health Indispensable (PDF)

January/February 2016: Building the Future Environmental Health Workforce (PDF)

December 2015: Environmental Health Without Borders (PDF)

November 2015: More Than the Minimum (PDF)

October 2015: We Haven't Told Our Story (PDF)

September 2015: On the Shoulders of Giants (PDF)

July/August 2015: Imagining the New NEHA (PDF)