Strategic Directions

NEHA’s board decided to adopt a rather unique approach to envisioning the association’s future and determining the association’s priorities. It made the bold move of stepping out of the classical process of strategic planning. By focusing on directions and not destinations, we keep our association on the balls of its feet – ready to change course at a moment’s notice should circumstances in our business environment indicate that such a change is appropriate. This mindset and way of operating represents the extra commitment that NEHA makes to insure that the association remains relevant to the profession and to the NEHA membership.

Our strategic directions include:

  1. Organizational Capacity
  2. Core Business
    1. Membership
    2. Training and Continuing Education 
    3. Credentialing;
    4. Annual Educational Conference
    5. Authoritative Source of Environmental Health Information
    6. Program Accreditation and Evaluation
  3. Organizational Marketing and Outreach  
    1. Marketing
    2. National Advocacy
    3. Member Engagement 
    4. Affiliate Engagement
    5. Global Engagement


Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

NEHA revised the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws in April 2021: 




NEHA knows that elections are a critical part of the democratic process and are one way in which members have a voice in the running of their organization. NEHA voting members have an opportunity to vote for candidates of a contested Board of Directors’ office. Boards of Directors’ Officers serve a one-year term and Regional Vice Presidents serve a three-year term. In addition, voting members have the opportunity to decide on language changes to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.    

NEHA Election Process